Using Landscape Designs In Norwalk Ct To Make A Property Look Bigger

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When someone wishes to enhance the appearance of a small property, they have a few options available regarding the Landscape Designs in Norwalk CT they incorporate into this area. A smaller property will instantly look larger to those visiting, while giving the home a polished appearance to enjoy. Here are a few ideas one can use to make their land look larger than it really is.

Try Changing Walkways

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A sidewalk that leads from curbside in a straight path toward the front door can make the amount of properly present look a bit smaller. Curving or angling the walkway will trick the eyes into thinking the amount of land is more expansive than it is in reality. Consider adding a sidewalk made of cobblestone or paving blocks as these will have slight spaces in between each one. This will also give the eyes more to look at, making the land seem bigger as a result.

Avoid Large Items

If a homeowner plants large bushes or wide-based trees on a property without a lot of land, they will overtake the area rather quickly. Keeping foliage on a smaller scale will help free up more land so it is not obscured. Planting intricate floral blooms or adding bushes without a lot of height will keep the area balanced instead of making it feel overcrowded.

Use Bold Colors

Adding color to a yard allows the homeowner to draw the eyes into the direction they wish. Since color grabs the attention of those in the area, placing hues strategically will help make a yard feel bigger. Place colored flowers close to the perimeter of the home to draw the eyes in this direction instead of the property. Placing flowers along the perimeter of the yard will draw the eyes outward, making the land as a whole feel larger as a result.

If a homeowner wishes to switch the way they use their Landscape Designs in Norwalk CT to make their property feel larger, they can hire a reputable landscaping service in the area to help with this task. Contact Giglio Landscape Services LLC today to discuss options available and create a plan to upgrade the property as desired.

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