Wikinews Shorts: October 26, 2009

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A compilation of brief news reports for Monday, October 26, 2009.


  • 1 Walpole, Massachusetts car crash kills one, injures one
  • 2 Ireland pledges €1.3 million in emergency aid relief to Ethiopia
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A fatal car crash has killed a 79-year-old man Framingham, Massachusetts, United States, and seriously injured a woman. The woman is currently being held at Norwood, Massachusetts Hospital and is being treated for serious injuries. It was a single vehicle crash that happened on Route 1 on Saturday afternoon in Walpole, Massachusetts.

The car was heading south when it lost control and struck a utility pole just after 4 P.M. local time on Saturday. The man died at the scene.


Ireland has pledged €1.35 million in emergency aid to Ethiopia, in order to help quell the ongoing food crisis in the country.

According to figures by the Ethiopian government released on Friday, the number of people needing food aid in the country is 6.2 million.

Irish Minister of State for Overseas Development Peter Power said that he was “deeply concerned” about the figures.

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon receives feeding tube

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

On Wednesday, doctors inserted a feeding tube into Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon‘s stomach.

“Tonight Prime Minister Ariel Sharon underwent a gastrostomy, a process in which a tube is inserted into the stomach for feeding. The procedure was carried out under anesthetic and was successful,” said Ron Krumer, a spokesperson for Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital where Sharon is continuing to be treated for a major stroke he suffered on January 4, 2006. He then added that, “the Prime Minister is still in a critical but stable condition.”

Doctors say that the chances are slim that he will return to consciousness or return to a meaningful level of activity. As a result it is expected Sharon will be unable to serve as Prime Minister anytime in the future. Currently his position is being filled on an interim basis by Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Sharon, who had been Prime Minister of the State of Israel since 2001, suffered a massive stroke on January 4 during the run up to a new series of Israeli parliamentary elections. His centrist Kadima Party faced fierce competition from the conservative Likud Party (which he split off from in late 2005) and the democratic socialist Labour Party.

Manhood Irritation? Try Tantric Intimacy Instead}

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Submitted by: J Dugan

Many men will smile when they discuss manhood irritation. Why? Because quite often, a man got that irritated male organ after many long hours of intimate activity with an eager and enthusiastic partner. Even with the best male organ care, too much friction can mean the member gets red, sore and irritated after a great night.

But it doesnt have to be that way. In fact, a man can have marathon intimacy sessions that dont leave him with any manhood irritation at all but give him even more pleasure than he thought possible. Its called tantric intimacy. And theres a reason its been around for thousands of years.

What is tantric intimacy?

Tantric coupling, or tantra, is actually a form of deep meditation with a loving partner. It uses mindful sensuality and expands the definition of intimacy to include not just the body and mind, but the heart and soul as well. Tantric intimacy, when approached properly, can lead to some of the most amazing closeness a man has ever had.

Keep in mind that it can take many years to perfect tantra. This brief overview will help a man get into the idea of tantric coupling and decide if he wants to pursue it to the next level.

Tips for incorporating tantric intimacy

Yes, tantra does mean a slow down in the typical session. While a couple might normally be satisfied with a session that lasts thirty minutes or so, those who engage in tantra are just getting started at that point! Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help a man move into longer, more leisurely sessions.

1.Lose track of time. Literally! Turn around the clock so the numbers are facing the wall, not the bed. Lose the watch. Plan the first session on a night will be followed by a leisurely morning with no obligations. The idea is to slow down dramatically and focus on every aspect of what is happening.

2.Cater to all senses. Tantric coupling isnt just about the body. Its about the whole of the experience. To get there, ensure that every part of the atmosphere is as sensual as possible. Invest in those amazing sheets that feel like heaven on the skin, bring delightful snacks into the bedroom (chocolate-covered strawberries are a great start) and use candles to light up the night.

3.Keep eye contact. Really connecting with a partner takes more than a few touches. Think about this surprising fact: Most couples dont look into each others eyes while in bed together. Change that by looking deep into her eyes while doing whatever it is that feels good.

4.Eliminate distractions. The buzzing of a phone is a true buzzkill. The light from the television overshadows the candles. Eliminate as many distractions as possible and focus on the five senses, one at a time, to get centered and focused.

5.Slow down. One aspect of tantric intimacy is the idea of worshipping a partner. Do this by slowing down everything in the bedroom. For instance, make strokes long and sensual instead of hurried. Dont just focus on the pleasure-inducing zones. This should be a full-body, immersive experience.

6.Keep the journey in mind. Many men have the goal of male release. Instead of that, focus on what it takes to get there. A long, drawn-out session can be what it takes to give both partners the ultimate pleasure, but no one will get there by keeping score or planning for what comes at the end.

Manhood irritation from too much intimacy can be alleviated with a great member health crme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). But it is just as important to use that wonderful crme for issues that have nothing to do with irritation. For instance, a crme that includes vitamin A is helpful for keeping skin smooth and supple, while L-arginine can help with healthy circulation. Look for a soothing Shea butter and vitamin E combination to help keep a man even more prepared for a long session.

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for more information about treating common male organ health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of male organ sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.


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Britain unveils flu pandemic preparedness plan, buys 14m courses of treatment drug

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

The government of the United Kingdom has unveiled their strategy to deal with any future influenza pandemic in their Pandemic Influenza Contingency Plan.

The document, based on the World Health Organization‘s framework for responses, explains how the UK would respond to a major outbreak of flu.

Any flu pandemic would differ from the seasonal outbreaks of flu observed worldwide every year. While seasonal flu kills 12,000 Britons annually, a pandemic would affect far more people and could result in the deaths of up to 50,000 people in the UK if there were no medical intervention.

The government will have the power to cancel events where large numbers of people gather, such as football (soccer) matches. It could also advise travel restrictions to and from areas of high infection, but would not be able to enforce any such measures.

Schools might be closed in the event of a flu pandemic, and infected people would be asked to remain at home, although again no quarantine measures could be imposed by the government.

Further plans include education of the public to recognize symptoms of the flu and how to avoid infection.

Measures will be made to maintain basic services in the event of a pandemic despite staff absences through illness.

A major cornerstone of the plan is the prescription of oseltamivir, an oral neuraminidase inhibitor drug that combats influenza. The drug is currently marketed by Hoffman La Roche under the trade name Tamiflu®.

The UK Department of Health intends to stockpile 14.6m courses of the drug over the next two financial years, giving enough to treat one in four of the population – the ratio recommended by the WHO.

Canada and Australia have also bought the equivalent amounts of anti-viral drugs. The U.S. has also bought large amounts of similar drugs.

The total cost of the acquisition was not published by the government, but the BBC estimated the cost to be £180 million.

Unlike a vaccine, oseltamivir can be used to treat any strain of the influenza virus. Many new variants of the influenza virus are seen every year, and combined with the long lead times associated with the development of vaccinces, mass vaccination is frequently impractical.

Some parts of the newly-revealed plan already exist. The UK government recently gave £500,000 to the WHO for survellience of so-called ‘bird flu’ in South East Asia, a possible source for any future pandemic. The Department of Health will also continue to monitor flu-like cases seen by doctors and hospitals.

200 candles: Chileans celebrate country’s Bicentennial

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chile is celebrating its Bicentennial, with several events that have been organized by the government for almost a decade. It commemorates two hundred years since the First Government Junta of 1810 was formed, starting the Independence process, that ended in 1818 after Bernardo O’Higgins proclaimed it.

The Bicentennial takes place on a holiday from September 17th until 21st. Sebastián Piñera inaugurated the official fondas (places where typical food and drinks of Chile are sold; similar to a tavern) earlier on Friday. Piñera also danced a “pie” of Cueca, Chile’s national dance, with Government Spokeswoman Ena Von Baer.

More than 60 thousand people gathered on Plaza de la Ciudadanía (Citizen’s Square) in Santiago to celebrate the Bicentennial. There was a projection of historical images that also contained a message from the trapped miners in Copiapó. A giant flag of Chile (18 meters of height, 27 of width; weighing 200 kilograms) was raised on the square on Friday morning.

Celebrations of the Bicentennial in Pichilemu started earlier this month. On September 2, two thousand people lined up in a formation to create the message “Viva Chile Bicentenario Cardenal Caro” on Pichilemu beach “Las Terrazas”. The message was used to create a postal stamp to be released worldwide. The event was promoted by the Government of Cardenal Caro Province.

Private schools in the city, such as Colegio Preciosa Sangre, prepared events specially for their students. On Thursday, “Fonda Don Vicente Nario” was opened on Preciosa Sangre. Several games were performed there on that morning, including “el emboque”, “ponerle la cola al burro” (to put the tail to the donkey), and others.

Another event on Preciosa Sangre took place on Thursday night, when students recreated scenes of the History of Chile, including: a tertulia featuring Manuel Montt (starred by Luis Rojas); a chingana (a popular tavern); and selected colonial professions, such as the “motero” (person who sold motemei and chestnuts).

The official fonda of Pichilemu, La Bombonera, was inaugurated on Thursday night by Mayor Roberto Córdova, who danced cueca with people who attended the event. According to Córdova, at least 30,000 people have arrived at Pichilemu as of Friday, and it is estimated that another 30,000 will arrive during the next three days.

A great event took place on Pichilemu beach on Friday afternoon. Chilean typical games highlighted the event. People danced reggaeton, Américo’s cumbias and cuecas, while others were swimming. The National Shoe Fair (Feria Nacional del Calzado) was established on Agustín Ross Hotel on Thursday, and will stay in the town until September 23rd. Alicia Grez, who works on a kiosk in the Pichileminian Craft Fair located in front of One Discotheque, said that “sales have been excellent,” and that “[they] won’t miss the possibility to experience such an event like this.”

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File:Parque bicentenario.JPG

Postcard released by the Chilean Government in 1910. At the top, from left to right: José Miguel Carrera, José de San Martín, Bernardo O’Higgins, Lord Thomas Cochrane, and Manuel Rodríguez. At the bottom, from left to right: Manuel Vicuña, Manuel Blanco Encalada, José Manuel Balmaceda and Pedro Montt.

Official poster of the Centennial of Chile.

Official plans for the Centennial of Chile, in 1910. Pedro Montt is pictured at the top, and Bernardo O’Higgins at the bottom.Image: Memoria Chilena.

New Zealand government denies financial assistance for Overlander

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Monday, September 25, 2006

The New Zealand government today has announced that they will not provide financial assistance to the Overlander train service between Auckland and Wellington, which is set to stop service on September 30, if no assistance is forthcoming. ONTRACK will retain the North Island main trunk line, while looking for tourism operators to start a tourist rail service.

Trevor Mallard, acting Finance Minister, said: “In making this decision… Cabinet recognised that there was no prospect of the current Overlander service becoming commercially viable. It was not a fuel-efficient operation and at an average passenger rate of 50 passengers each way per day, it was used by relatively few people.”

It is cheaper and faster to travel either by bus or plane rather than the 12-hour train journey. “The fares already overlap with airfares, and the reality is that the service is just not well-used. It can not compete with low-priced air travel and coaches. Cabinet considered the regional implications of ceasing the Overlander service and accepted that the current bus services run by the InterCity Group met the needs of those communities,” Mallard said.

There has been numerous petitions from the public and from the Green Party of New Zealand to continue the Overlander train service, including one petition signed by 16,000 people presented at the Parliament Buildings on September 14, 2006. “While there have been a number of propositions about retaining the Overlander service, all of the propositions would require government funding in one form or another,” said Mallard.

Mallard said that the government will only support rail services if it significantly benefitted the community.

The Government estimates that financial assistance to the Overlander train service would cost NZ$1.75 million a year.

“Finally, the government does recognise and value the importance of a viable and efficient rail network in New Zealand’s transport infrastructure. This was a critical factor in the government’s decision to buy the rail network back from Tranz Rail. The government has also committed $200 million to upgrade the national rail network between 2004/05 and 2007/08. A further $600 million has been provided to upgrade the Auckland rail network between 2005/06 and 2009/10.”

2700 Kelvin Led Lights}

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Submitted by: Dennis Jarvis

For certain areas and lighting requirements, 2700 is the magic number everyone in the LED lighting community has been looking for. For office and industrial spaces, higher numbers are just fine but for residential, retail, and other more nuanced spaces, 2700 is just right. What does 2700 Kelvin refer to and no, it’s not a new trendy club downtown. Let’s take a look at the whole Kelvin scale as it pertains to lighting and specifically target 2700, an elusive target until recently.

Let’s first tackle Kelvin and then we’ll turn our focus towards a particular temperature of interest. Kelvin is a measurement of temperature with 0 Kelvin (also know as absolute zero) being the lowest possible temperature possible not just on some arbitrary measuring stick but in the universe. Zero Kelvin is the point at which all atomic motion comes to a complete stop which according to Quantum Mechanics, is impossible but rather than delve to far in the deep end of the pool, let’s bring the discussion back to the more practical consideration of the color of light.

YouTube Preview Image

Kelvin is traditionally used to describe the temperature of light. That may sound strange to a layman but light does indeed have a temperature and it’s essentially a characteristic of the wavelength at which a light is generated. In the visible spectrum of light, this color temperature is perceived by our eyes differently and “warmth” is actually not a bad description to convey the differences. Why does this matter with LED lights and more specifically, why is 2700 is number of importance and interest? We’ll turn our attention to the temperature of LED light now.

The original LED lights were not good for more than electronic sensor indicators (think of the red pegs in a light bright or the lights of your digital clock. As scientists combined different chemicals and substrates, more colors were generated with some of the first generations of white light or even daylight. These tend to have higher color temperatures of 5400 or 3500 respectively. Keep in mind that they’re not “dialed” in values with really an infinite array of wavelengths between the two numbers above for slightly different and varying perceptions by the eye. These types of lights are fine and even advantageous for office, industrial, warehouse, and other brighter white spaces. That’s not entirely true of residential or retail space however where people have become accustomed to the very warm color temperature of incandescent lights. We’ll leave out CFL’s and fluorescents since the color generated was never so much liked as tolerated.

Things have changed. Most LED’s you’ll find in the store have a lower range of 3000 Kelvin which pushing towards the warmer end of the spectrum but still not quite there. We now have 2700 Kelvin lights which are ideal for retail and residential space. This may be the warmest LED light commercially available on the market at a price point and lumen generating quantity that’s not only competitive but superior to most other lights available. 2700 Kelvin LED lights have been the Holy Grail of LED lights for quite some time although we don’t recommend you buy a suit of armour, you may want to take a swing at Excalibur. A soft, warm 2700 Kelvin LED light will light your endeavors.

About the Author: Dennis Jarvis writes extensively about

LED lighting and LED light bulbs

for industrial, office, commercial, grow lights, and residential lighting and how they can save energy costs and money.


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Portuguese Culture Ministry suspends opening of Afonso I’s tomb

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Thursday, July 6, 2006

The Portuguese Ministry of Culture suspended today the opening of King Afonso Henriques‘ tomb. The opening of the tomb would allow investigators to reconstruct a biological profile of the first King of Portugal, who died 821 years ago.

This afternoon the Portuguese Institute of Architectural Patrimony (IPPAR) announced its decision to suspend the project for the reconstruction of the biological profile of Afonso I. For which the opening of the tomb at the Santa Cruz Monastery, in Coimbra, was scheduled for today at 5 p.m. local time (1600 Thursday, UTC).

The note released by the Institute said that after consulting the “respective internal process it was evident that the adequate and necessary procedures were not fulfilled” which include the “authorization of this institute and of the minister of Culture for the accomplishment of the related exhumation”.

When contacted by TSF news agency, the responsible of IPPAR Ilísio Summerville explained that they “had consulted the process and verified that neither the current direction of IPPAR, nor the previous one had given authorization for the act [of the opening of the tomb], because there was missing a series of authorizations, between them the authorization of the minister of Culture.”

The responsible clarified that the investigation will be authorized as soon that “all formalities are fulfilled”.

The original authorization to open the tomb consists of a letter sent by the regional director of IPPAR, José Maria Tadeu Henriques, on June 23, to Professor Eugénia Cunha, an specialist in Anthropology Biology of the Faculty of Sciences & Technology of the University of Coimbra and responsible for the investigation.

The team of investigators, lead by the anthropologist Eugénia Cunha, is composed of another two anthropologists of the University of Coimbra, Ana Carina Marques and Sónia Codinha, by the medic and anthropologist Miguel Botella (University of Granada), by the medic Bertrand Ludes and the geneticist Christine Kayser (University of Strasbourg), and by the historian José Mattoso (New University of Lisbon).

By analysing the bones and other remains, like hair and nails, of Portugal’s founder, the investigators would be able to determinate his stature, genetic profile, diet and any diseases that he might have had.

Creationist sentiments affect Imax business strategy

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005 Imax cinemas in several southern US states have begun to refuse screening of films that deal with evolution and the big bang, fearing they will drive away customers. This step follows pressure from customers claiming such films are blasphemous to the Christian religion and are counter to biblical teachings which fundamentalists take to be the literal word of God.

Some of the affected cinemas are located in science museums often visited by families. Carol Murray, the marketing director of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in Texas, commented that trial customers complained, “I really hate it when the theory of evolution is presented as fact,” a view reflected by several others. Conversely, a producer of an Imax film entitled Volcanoes of the Deep Sea, James Cameron, said that he was “surprised and somewhat offended” at some of the reactions.

Films suppressed by this controversy include Cosmic Voyage (which deals with the big bang), Galapagos (dealing with the development of evolutionary theory by Darwin) and Volcanoes of the Deep Sea (about deep-sea thermophiles).

Although this move only affects about a dozen Southern US cinemas, it has proved significant due to the manner in which Imax operates. Imax presentations are filmed and projected using specialized equipment in specially adapted theatres. Imax films also have tight production and marketing budgets. At any one time, an Imax film may be shown at only two dozen locations. As such, profits may be significantly reduced if just a few locations refuse to show a given film, swaying producers to avoid producing films on contentious subjects which may be construed by Christian fundamentalists as blasphemous.

Google blocks home device from responding to Burger King commercial

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Friday, April 14, 2017

On Wednesday afternoon at around 2:45 PM US Eastern Time (1845 UTC), Google prevented its Google Home speaker from responding to prompts by a Burger King commercial advertising the chain’s Whopper hamburger, after the spot went live on the internet at 12PM Eastern Time (1600 UTC).

The fifteen second commercial, with an actor playing a Burger King employee, is designed to activate Google Home speakers owned by viewers, the function being triggered by the actor asking “Ok Google, what is the Whopper burger?”. Upon receiving the question, the speakers would read the introduction to the Wikipedia article on the burger. According to a report by USA Today, responding to the commercial’s launch, Wikipedia users vandalized the article, with statements like “The ‘Whopper’ is the worst hamburger product sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain Burger King,” or that it contains “rat and toenail clippings”, all of which would be recited by the speaker.

Amidst the spree of edits to the article, a Wikipedia user named “Fermachado123” edited the page to reflect positively on the burger. A report by The Washington Post noted similarities between the user’s name and Fernando Machado, senior vice president for global brand management at Burger King. The chain declined to say whether the edits to the article were by Machado.

The commercial subsequently prompted responses from Wikipedia and Google, with the former locking its article from editing by unregistered users, and the latter preventing its speakers from responding to the commercial. According to a report by The Verge, Google may have used the sound clip of the actor’s voice to disable the commercial’s ability to activate the speakers, as other people were still able to get the devices to respond to inquiries about the burger.

Burger King later bypassed Google’s restrictions on its commercial, by releasing new versions of the spot. The chain revealed the new versions on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night. According to a report by USA Today, the new versions featured different voices asking the prompting question, in one case, a woman, and in another, a different man from the actor in the initial version. Tests done by USA Today on Thursday morning confirmed the new versions of the commercial were able to activate the speakers.

Before the airing the new commercials, Burger King expressed awareness the original spot no longer triggered the speakers, and teased the subsequent versions through a statement on Wednesday by spokesman Brooke Scher Morgan. “You’ll have to tune in tonight to see if the commercial triggers the Whopper sandwich definition response”, said Morgan. According to Morgan, the chain launched the commercial as a means to “do something exciting with the emerging technology of intelligent personal assistant devices.”

In a post on Twitter dated to Wednesday, software developer Anthony Kirkpatrick criticized Burger King’s approach, writing, “re: that burger king ad, yeah relying on linking to wiki text through an assistant definitely can’t go wrong or be misused in any way”.

Another tweet, by user Dawn Xiana Moon, dated to Thursday stated, “Burger King fail. Hijacking devices isn’t cool. It’s clever, but it’s not going to win friends.”

Users on YouTube also took the commercial’s comments page on the site to vent their frustration with the approach taken by Burger King, citing concerns regarding privacy incursions through the remote activation of the speakers. “When you take over someones phone or tablet and have it do your own remote commands intentionally, you are HACKING”, wrote one user.

According to marketing professor Jonah Berger, a faculty member of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, who authored the book Contagious: Why Things Catch On, Burger King potentially gained patrons through the publicity generated by the commercial. “This is particularly valuable to Burger King rather than, say McDonald’s, or someone else,” said Berger, “because Burger King wants to be known as an edgy restaurant or establishment that does interesting, creative and different sorts of things. It’s part of their brand equity”. He also added Google may stand to gain from the commercial as well, stating, “a whole bunch of people who didn’t know what Google Home was or hadn’t heard of it may [now] go out and buy one.”

Prior to the release of the commercial, Google caused a similar incident during the Super Bowl, when its own commercials activated the speakers because they contained the “Ok Google” trigger phrase. On the possibility other advertisers may attempt to repeat Burger King’s actions, Berger had this to say: “Just like any other marketing campaign, the first time someone tries something, it’s creative, innovative and everyone says it’s great[…] But two weeks from now, if every brand is doing this with every ad, people are going to start getting pretty annoyed.”

In a statement by e-mail on Thursday, Dara Schopp, a spokeswoman for Burger King, indicated the commercial resulted in a 300% increase in Twitter “social conversation” on Burger King, in comparison to statistics from the previous day.

Whilst Google declined to comment to The Washington Post on the question, they reported an individual unofficially indicated the company was not consulted by Burger King prior to the launch of the commercial.