Pakistan: Twelve suspected Taliban rebels die in airstrikes

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Twelve suspected Taliban insurgents were killed by Pakistani forces in the Orakzai region of the North-West Frontier Province. The attack came a day after nearly 100 rebels died in airstrikes, 54 of them from the Orakzai area.

Three hideouts of suspected insurgents were blown up by fighter jets, according to officials. Khaista Gul, a local government official, told Reuters agency that three “Taliban hideouts have been destroyed and 12 militants have been killed in Orakzai.” Samiullah Khan, another local official confirmed the death toll and added the attack was in the Sangram area of Orakzai.

Also, early on Sunday, a police patrol was attacked by rebels near the town of Mardan according to local police official Jawed Khan. Two were injured while one cop died in the incident. Khan added that the body of another police official, whose throat had been cut, was found at a checkpoint near the site where the police vehicle was ambushed.

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Swiss reject single health insurance

Monday, March 12, 2007

24 of 26 Swiss Cantons rejected the proposal for a single health insurance system, in which premiums would be based on income and wealth. The vote on Sunday was the latest in a series of attempts to cut rising costs and ease the financial burden on citizens.

Around 71% of voters rejected the reform. Turnout was at about 46%, slightly above the Swiss average.

As expected, voters in the main German-speaking part of the country turned down the planned reform, which was supported by the centre-left but opposed by the centre-right as well as the business community, parliament and the government.

Opposition in the French and Italian speaking regions was less pronounced. The cantons Jura and Neuchâtel in the French speaking regions voted in favor of the proposed reforms.

Health insurance premiums are higher in southern and western Swiss cantons than in German-speaking areas.

The Swiss Interior Minister Pascal Couchepin said an important part of the Swiss Population appeared to be opposed to “a revolution” in health insurance but he said that he wanted current reforms currently under discussion in the Swiss Parliament to go ahead. He called on all sides, especially health insurers and the cantonal authorities, to make efforts to reduce spending on health insurance and aim for a greater cost efficiency. Currently Switzerland has 87 private insurers providing mandatory basic health care coverage for Swiss residents under a 1996 law. But costs have sky-rocketed. Over 100,000 people are not covered by health insurance due to non payment.

To win the battle of the cost of health care, everyone must place his or her private interests behind the interests of the general public. -Pascal Couchepin at a news conference

Opponents to the initiative argued that a single insurance system would lead to complacency and create a two-tier system, in which the wealthy would be the only ones available to afford to have additional private insurance coverage.

Supporters of the initiative said a single health insurer would increase the system’s efficiency and allow for annual savings of at least 300 million Swiss Francs (about $245 million) in administrative costs. Currently, the funding system is unbalanced, since many clients on low incomes use state subsidies to pay their premiums, according to the Green Party and the Social Democrats.

The initiative to unite all the insurance companies and introduce premiums based on wealth and income was the most recent in a series of attempts over the past ten years to reduce the public spending on health care. A proposal, similar to this recent proposal, to modify the funding system of the health insurance companies was rejected by 73% of voters in 2003.

Switzerland has the most expensive health system in Europe. Switzerland’s expenditure on health care was 11.6% in 2005, in front of Germany and France but behind the United States.

Learn more about Swiss Federal Council and Voting in Switzerland on Wikipedia.
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Ways A Professional, Who Deals With Real Estate Sales In Oceanside Ny Can Help When Looking For A New Home


If you are looking for a new home for you and your family, it can be helpful to enlist the aid of a professional who handles Real Estate Sales in Oceanside NY. By doing this, you will often find it is easier to find a home well suited for your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

YouTube Preview Image

Many people today may feel they can locate and buy their own home as well as a professional. While there are a number of resources online to help you in trying to accomplish this, often it can still be a struggle. Most online resources are spread out, and this requires a great deal of work to gather information. In addition, online sources only include homes that are officially for sale. Because of this, it is difficult to get the upper hand on homes coming up for sale in the near future.

Using a professional who works in Real Estate Sales in Oceanside NY can help in eliminating these issues. Most real estate professionals have access to listings and other services a buyer may not be able to obtain online. They also subscribe to local listings services, a buyer may not be willing to invest in. This can make it much easier for the professional to know what is available for sale in the area.

Since a professional will work with a network of other agents, they often will share information about potential homes to be listed in the near future. This can be a great help in making sure a client can see a potential home and make an offer before someone else does. These types of leads can be invaluable to a person looking for a home designed to fit their specific needs.

Anyone who is considering purchasing a new home will find there are many ways a professional can help make the task of finding and buying a home much easier. This can be a great benefit in helping to make this type of complicated purchase proceed more smoothly. For more information on how a professional can assist you with your home buying needs, please Click Here.

Andrew Marr angers bloggers, describing them as ‘inadequate, pimpled and single’

Monday, October 11, 2010

British journalist Andrew Marr has angered bloggers by suggesting they are “inadequate, pimpled and single.” Marr, who was formerly the BBC’s political editor, also said that citizen journalism is “spewings and rantings of very drunk people late at night”. He made the comments at the Cheltenham Literary Festival, saying: “A lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed young men sitting in their mother’s basements and ranting. They are very angry people.”

Marr, who now hosts a flagship Sunday morning show, The Andrew Marr Show, on which he has recently interviewed British Prime Minister David Cameron and ousted BP executive Tony Hayward, added: “OK – the country is full of very angry people. Many of us are angry people at times. Some of us are angry and drunk”. His comments sparked outrage from bloggers, one of whom dismissed them as “stupid generalisations.” Another said that they were “sure that Andrew Marr did not mean all bloggers, but it is unfortunate that he did not seem to make much of a distinction in his statement.” Another blogger, writing on Twitter, said they supported Marr’s arguments. “Just read Andrew Marr’s comments on blogging,” they said. “I blog and I agree with most of what he says. I don’t read blogs for news, doubt I ever will.”

Aside from the paradox of him indulging in a rant to complain about other ranters, it is the one-sidedness of his argument that is so striking

Other journalists also criticised the comments. Krishnan Guru-Murthy, a newscaster for Channel 4 News, said that it is “true that flicking through the comment section of some political blogs can easily make you think the blogosphere is populated by obnoxious trolls. But there are plenty of thoughtful, insightful people writing online too: you just need to find them. They might not be household names, or worthy of a slot on Radio 4, but to dismiss them out of hand seems wrong. As for bloggers being ‘inadequate, pimpled and single,’ that’s no way to talk about Jon Snow. He isn’t single.”

“We know our viewers want commentary and analysis alongside their news and our blogs help us give more of that,” Murthy said. “Obviously we can’t give opinion in the way bloggers who aren’t also public service broadcasters can, but we enjoy reading other people’s opinions and the best blogs are much more than rants, often breaking stories, too. And anyway, I like reading the occasional rant. But as a blogger if you offer up something to the wider world you should expect people to say what they think of it.”

Roy Greenslade, a professor of journalism at City University London, and former editor of the Daily Mirror, said: “Aside from the paradox of him indulging in a rant to complain about other ranters, it is the one-sidedness of his argument that is so striking. None of us who write blogs are unaware of vituperative contributions from people who like to remain anonymous … It’s the price we [bloggers] pay –a small price, in my view– for a communications system that allows for public participation.” Greenslade added that he thought Marr “seems to be damning the whole blogosphere when, as we all know, there are thousand upon thousand of bloggers who are making valuable public interest contributions on the net day by day, even hour by hour. Marr, to use an archaic but apposite idiom, simply can’t see the wood for the trees.”

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Getting even with the law: Wikinews interviews New York City’s ‘Jimmy Justice’

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

“What bothers me is watching an officer write someone a summons and then commit the exact same violation with their official vehicle.

A civilian known as ‘Jimmy Justice’ who resides in New York City (NYC), New York, the largest city in the United States, has been videotaping NYC police officers and city workers, breaking the law while on the job.

Since 2007, he claims to have caught “hundreds of officers and other city employees violating the law,” and says he has them all on camera. He has posted his best confrontations with them to the video sharing website YouTube. As a result, Justice states that he has been asked to do a United States television show and Wikinews got an exclusive interview with him. For protection, Justice wished not to be called by his real name in fear of police retaliation.

Last year, Justice videotaped a police officer parking in front of a fire hydrant, but has only recently gained attention on social networking news sites such as Digg and So Wikinews contacted Mr. Justice, known as JimmyJustice4753 on YouTube, for an exclusive interview to find out what caused him to get revenge on the law.

On June 30, 2007, Justice caught officer E. Anderson of the NYPD, traffic division, parking directly in front of a fire hydrant while she went inside a restaurant to take a 15 minute lunch break.

“Do you think there is something wrong with parking a vehicle, blocking a fire hydrant,?” says Justice while following Anderson to her car after her meal.

“Mrs. Anderson I’m talking to you,” says Justice as Anderson ignores him. “You parked your vehicle blocking a fire hydrant. You are not allowed to do that. Somebody else would get a ticket for that. Why are you allowed to do it? You should be ashamed of yourself Mrs. Anderson.”

By this time, the incident has gained the interest of people nearby the scene and passing it. One unidentified woman, who claims to be a retired NYC police officer decides to intervene stating that people “are not supposed to film any police, [or] anybody employed with the police department because of the terrorism.” A short time later the woman walked off camera.

Since 2007 Justice says he has caught “hundreds of law enforcement officers and city officials” on “over 30 hours of video” violating laws from illegal U-turns in business districts to blocking bus stops and fire hydrants. Justice has only uploaded the “most colorful ones to YouTube” and recently, on April 8, 2008, Justice videotaped a NYPD tow truck officer blocking a hydrant while he also ate lunch inside a restaurant. According to NYC law, it is illegal for any vehicle to park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant and to park in front of a bus stop. It is also illegal for any person to make a U-turn in a business district. Fines for these violations can cost a driver up to US$115.00 for each violation occurred.

When Wikinews asked Justice why he decided to start filming the violations made by officials he answered, “what bothers me is watching an officer write someone a summons and then commit the exact same violation with their official vehicle. I started making these videos to remind the officers (and complacent civilians) that City employees have to abide by the same laws that they are paid to enforce. I plan on doing this and inspiring others to do this as well as a means of leveling the playing field against discourteous officers.”

“In NYC, the traffic cops are notorious for their draconian indiscretion in handing out summonses to civilians for petty violations. Obviously the laws are not enforced as a matter of public safety, but rather to raise revenue,” added Justice.

Justice makes little effort to get the violations on videotape saying “all I have to do to catch them is open my eyes.”

“The problem with abuse of authority is rampant in New York City. I take my video camera with me on the way to work and on the way to social events and band rehearsals and when I see action it takes me less than 4 seconds to have the camera out and in record mode,” states Justice.

His videos have drawn the attention of media and he has been featured on ABC’s ‘I-caught videos’ and Inside Edition. Justice also states that the popularity of his videos have gotten the attention producers in Hollywood, California and as a result, there are plans for a television show.

Since Justice began getting even with officials and their violations, he states that there has been a positive change in the communities.

“The publicity my videos have received has effected positive change in the community, but we still have a long road ahead of us,” added Justice.

As a result of his videos, at the time the NYPD launched an investigation into the violations, but it is not known if any officers were charged or punished. Justice himself has never been arrested, but has been assaulted.

“I have never been arrested for this yet but they have threatened me with arrest. I have been spit on, cursed at, assaulted, and I had 2 cameras broken already,” added Justice.

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Online Job Finder Services: Should You Use Them?

By Mario Churchill

Thanks to the internet, people are now able to shop, communicate and even find jobs right at the comforts of their own home. You have to face the fact that with hundreds or even thousands of people looking for a decent job, you too will find it hard to find a job. You have to wait in a long line of equally qualified people competing to get the job and you have to work hard in order to impress the employer in order to get the position you want.

However, if you want an easier way to find the best job for you, then you have to use the internet to find it. With numerous online job finder services, you will be able to find the right job, set up an interview and get employed in no time at all.

Even large companies are using the services of online job finders to advertise their needs for personnel. There is a great chance that you will be able to find the job in your field of expertise.

So, just what is an online job finder? First of all, an online job finder is like a resume distribution services. Through the website, you will submit your resume and the website will be the one who will match your skills, and your qualification to different kinds of jobs. The job results will be emailed to you on almost a daily basis. All you need to do is choose the kind of job that you like.

YouTube Preview Image

Usually, the different kinds of jobs submitted to your email will contain a brief description of the company, and also a description of the job being offered. It will also include why you were matched for this job.

The next question you will ask is if it is worth your time to use online job finders. The answer to this question is yes. If you can’t seem to find the right job in your area, then you may want to try online job finders. Through the services of this website, you will be able to find the job you have always wanted and one that will complement your skills and your qualifications.

For example, if you took IT related courses in college, then you will want to apply for an IT related job. With online job finders, it will definitely be easier for you to find the right kind of job in the field you studied when you were in college. You can also include your special skills to aid in your search.

The great thing about online job finder services is that there will be a great chance of finding the right kind of job for you in no time at all. You will also do it right at the comforts of your own home. All you need is obviously a desktop computer with an active internet connection, an email account and you also need to register with a reputable online job finder website.

Once you register, you need to fill out an online resume or you can also submit your own resume. After you are registered and after you submitted your resume, you will now receive emails on a daily basis with job searches that is compatible with your qualifications and skills.

Just remember that online job finders will not necessarily land you the job. They will merely help you find a job and from there, it is up to you to clinch the job by doing well in the interview that the company you chose will set up.

About the Author: Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more information on

resume distribution

or a

job finder

service checkout his recommended websites.


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Sweden’s Crown Princess marries long-time boyfriend

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweden’s first royal wedding since 1976 took place Saturday when Crown Princess Victoria, 32, married her long-time boyfriend and former personal trainer, Daniel Westling, 36. The ceremony took place at Stockholm Cathedral.

Over 1,200 guests, including many rulers, politicians, royals and other dignitaries from across the world, attended the wedding, which cost an estimated 20 million Swedish kronor. Victoria wore a wedding dress with five-metre long train designed by Pär Engsheden. She wore the same crown that her mother, Queen Silvia, wore on her wedding day 34 years previously, also on June 19. Victoria’s father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, walked Victoria down the aisle, which was deemed untraditional by many. In Sweden, the bride and groom usually walk down the aisle together, emphasising the country’s views on equality. Victoria met with Daniel half-way to the altar, where they exchanged brief kisses, and, to the sounds of the wedding march, made their way to the the silver altar. She was followed by ten bridesmaids. The couple both had tears in their eyes as they said their vows, and apart from fumbling when they exchanged rings, the ceremony went smoothly.

Following the ceremony, the couple headed a fast-paced procession through central Stockholm on a horse-drawn carriage, flanked by police and security. Up to 500,000 people are thought to have lined the streets. They then boarded the Vasaorden, the same royal barge Victoria’s parents used in their wedding, and traveled through Stockholm’s waters, accompanied by flyover of 18 fighter jets near the end of the procession. A wedding banquet followed in the in the Hall of State of the Royal Palace.

Controversy has surrounded the engagement and wedding between the Crown Princess and Westling, a “commoner”. Victoria met Westling as she was recovering from bulemia in 2002. He owned a chain of gymnasiums and was brought in to help bring Victoria back to full health. Westling was raised in a middle-class family in Ockelbo, in central Sweden. His father managed a social services centre, and his mother worked in a post office. When the relationship was made public, Westling was mocked as an outsider and the king was reportedly horrified at the thought of his daughter marrying a “commoner”, even though he did so when he married Silvia. Last year, Westling underwent transplant surgery for a congenital kidney disorder. The Swedish public have been assured that he will be able to have children and that his illness will not be passed on to his offspring.

Westling underwent years of training to prepare for his new role in the royal family, including lessons in etiquette, elocution, and multi-lingual small talk; and a makeover that saw his hair being cropped short, and his plain-looking glasses and clothes being replaced by designer-wear.

Upon marrying the Crown Princess, Westling took his wife’s ducal title and is granted the style “His Royal Highness”. He is now known as HRH Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland. He also has his own coat-of-arms and monogram. When Victoria assumes the throne and becomes Queen, Daniel will not become King, but assume a supportive role, similar to that of Prince Phillip, the husband of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II.

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U.S., Mexico and U.K. top medalists at RoboGames 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The 6th annual RoboGames, a robot competition that takes place in the United States, was held this month with 403 robots from 18 different parts of the globe competing in the categories of combat, sumo, robo-one/androids, open, hockey, art bots and junior league.

This year’s medals went to the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Canada, Indonesia, South Korea and Russia (see table below). Other participants were Australia, Austria, Colombia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Peru and Taiwan.

RoboGames 2009
Flag Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
United States 31 30 24 85
Mexico 2 3 4 9
United Kingdom 6 2 0 8
Brazil 2 3 2 7
India 0 1 2 3
Canada 1 0 1 2
Indonesia 1 0 0 1
South Korea 1 0 0 1
Russia 1 0 0 1

Although the host country carried off most of the medals, visiting countries stood out at some events, like Mexico at 1 lb autonomous combat, 500 g autonomous sumo, 100 g autonomous sumo and autonomous line follower, Brazil at 3kg sumo (both autonomous and radio-controlled), and the United Kingdom in the “best of show” and “walker challenge” modalities.

“Taking part gave us the opportunity to test our knowledge against students from other nations, and proved that we are at the same level or better than other students from famous schools”, said Mexico’s National Polytechnic Institute student Erick Rodríguez who, along with his fellow team member Rogelio Baeza, took gold in the autonomous line follower event.

RoboGames, previously ROBOlympics, holds the Guinness Record for “world’s largest robot competition”. It was founded in 2004 by David Calkins to help robot builders exchange ideas and learn from each other.

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4 Sync Makes Online Storage Easy

4Sync Makes Online Storage Easy


Roberto Sedycias

You have probably read about Google’s attempts at “cloud” storage or at Dell’s “cloud” storage” servers or, possibly, Microsoft’s “SkyDrive,” however, if you notice that each of these is run by a major computer firm and it is tied to their service, however, that does not have to be the case at all.

YouTube Preview Image

With 4Sync, while it is still located off-site on “cloud” drives owned by an ISP, it is local enough to allow you to sync all of your: videos; files; photos; slide shows; workgroup projects and more. 4Sync allows you up to 15GB of free storage space and you are limited by your subscription as to the amount of additional storage you can purchase and use. It is a very quick process when you upgrade a single office or group of workgroup machines than it is to upgrade and synchronize a large enterprise system. The key to 4Sync, though, is the fact that while you are saving your files across the “cloud” to another remote site – like the major ones already mentioned – you are focusing, still, on the files that make sense and affect your business or family. The nice piece to 4Sync is that, using its wizard and login, you can have access to files and upgrade them from virtually anywhere on the net without resorting to the need to log into major companies, whose Cloud services do work well, but they usually are far more enterprise-oriented than is 4Sync. 4Sync allows you to sync up your devices, drop the results in your organizations “bucket,” if you will allow the analogy, and then when you want to look at just your files or photos, you just log into your account and there they are. You can share your files across Windows or Apple systems or, with the right app, you can use an Android-controlled system to access and watch your or sync the data you have in your “bucket.” And, while it is not as quick as some of the enterprise-oriented systems such as SkyDrive or Google’s “cloud” system, you will find that you can share your personal files with only those people with whom you want to share them with, knowing that they are safely stored on a smaller, more personal system. It is an interesting concept in “personal cloud computing”, specially for those smartphone users who until recently had not so many options for their personal online storage.

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4Sync Makes Online Storage Easy