The Impact And Popularity Of You Tube Videos: Spotlight On Best Country Songs

The Power of YouTube Videos

Imagine the internet without YouTube Videos. Hard to visualize, isn’t it? YouTube, since its inception in 2005, has grown into a video sharing platform that more than a billion people around the world use today. We’ve laughed at the viral cat videos, we’ve cried watching heartwarming reunions, we’ve learned how to fix our appliances with the helpful how-to videos, and more often than not, we’ve hummed along the best tunes and discovered new music. One particular genre of music that has seen a massive rise in popularity on YouTube is country music, including the best country songs.

The Rise of Country Music on YouTube

Country music, although popular in the United States, did not have the same far-reaching appeal across the globe before the age of the internet. Thanks to YouTube, artists can share their music with a global audience, effectively transcending geographic boundaries. People from all parts of the world are now finding appreciation for the heartwarming storytelling, the toe-tapping rhythms, the unique instruments, and the honest lyrics of the best country songs.

The Role of YouTube Videos in Music

YouTube acts as the global stage for artists. Not only does it allow them to showcase their music, but it also offers a great opportunity for them to express their creativity. Country music artists often pair their songs with visually appealing and highly engaging videos that help to tell their story. These videos further increase the allure of the best country songs.

The Influence of YouTube on Country Music Discoverability

One important impact YouTube has had on the music industry, country music included, is in terms of discoverability. Thanks to YouTube’s recommendation algorithm, listeners can now discover the best country songs and artists they might not have come across otherwise, thereby democratizing music consumption and discovery.


In conclusion, YouTube, with its billions of users and its encompassing presence, has significantly influenced the growth and popularity of country music. It has enabled a global audience to discover the genre and appreciate the best country songs. Thus, the power of YouTube Videos extends beyond entertainment, acting as a conduit for cultural exchange and appreciation, with country music as an example of such a phenomenon.

Music Of The Holiday Season In Aruba

Submitted by: Justin Burch

As Aruba boasts a rich culture with strong Latin American, Caribbean and European influences, the island is home a wide array of unique traditions and events that can’t be found anywhere else. While exciting elements of Aruba’s culture are on display throughout the year, the holiday season features several events that highlight the island’s melting pot culture and diverse musical history. From the beginning of November until after the New Year’s holiday, bands and performers can be found at locations across the island, including many popular tourist destinations and even the resorts. Best of all, wherever visitors encounter Aruba’s holiday performers, they will be welcomed by locals to join in the island’s celebration of the holiday season.

Prior to the Christmas holiday, Arubans celebrate St. Nicolas Day, a festive day that shows off the island’s Dutch heritage. A few weeks prior to St. Nicolas Day, Sinterklaas the traditional Dutch version of the modern Santa Claus arrives on boat at Paardenbaai Harbor where he is greeted by excited crowds, festive brass bands and other performers. The brass bands then lead Sinterklaas and his helpers in a parade through the streets of Oranjestad where visitors of all ages will have a chance to join locals in celebration, enjoy live music and catch a coveted first glance of Sinterklaas. Leading up to St. Nicolas Day, Sinterklaas can be spotted across Aruba, handing out treats to children and spreading holiday cheer to locals and visitors alike. On the December 5th holiday, local children leave their shoes out at night, alongside treats for Sinterklaas and his white horse, in hopes of receiving presents and sweets. As many local resorts also participate in this tradition, visiting children can also receive small gifts and treats from Sinterklaas.

One of the most interesting holiday musical traditions is known as Gaita, a unique genre of Venezuelan folk music born in the 1960s that Arubans have since combined with popular Latin American and Caribbean dance rhythms. Most of Aruba’s Gaita groups begin practicing for holiday performances during the summer months, while the most talented ensembles often make professional recordings in September and October. Usually composed of 18 to 20 musicians, the Gaita groups incorporate instruments such as acoustic guitars, bass guitars and plenty of percussion instruments with origins ranging from Latin America, Africa and the other parts of the Caribbean. Many Gaita groups also utilize rarely-heard traditional instruments such as the cuarta a small, four-stringed guitar known in Venezuela as a cuatro the raspa a gourd instrument with grooves that is played with a scraping motion and the wiri a metallic, often homemade, scraping instrument. As most Gaita groups begin playing throughout the island in early November, the unmistakable sound of Gaita music signals the beginning of the holiday season for locals. Until Christmas Day, Gaita groups can be seen and heard in venues as diverse as resorts, restaurants, night clubs, concert halls and throughout the streets of Oranjestad.

The holiday season also brings the Christmas Day tradition known as Aguinaldo. Known in Venezuela as Noche Buena, Aguinaldo is similar to the caroling traditions found through Europe and the United States. Groups of performers visit the homes of locals, as well as resorts and popular tourist destinations across the island, to share songs and the story of Christmas. Aguinaldo performers are known for their friendliness towards the island’s visitors, as tourists are welcomed to join in a sense of community and mutual celebration for the holiday. Families staying in Aruba on the Christmas holiday will certainly spot and have a chance to interact with plenty of Aguinaldo performers, both at the resorts and throughout Oranjestad.

On New Year’s Day, the caroling continues as small bands typically five or six performers roam the island spreading good cheer and blessings for the year to come. Known as Dande, this spirited musical tradition includes an upbeat combination of guitars, accordions and percussion instruments. Each Dande group features a singer that performs their own version of a traditional New Year’s song, adding stories, fortunes and blessings for the audience. Tourists will also hear the other musicians sing the phrase ai nobe new year in Papiamento after each of the leader’s improvised lines. While New Year’s Day brings out the greatest number of Dande groups, many of the bands continue performing across the island throughout the first week of the year. Prior to the New Year’s Day holiday, the island also hosts a festival to anoint a Dande King and Queen. The celebration, which features plenty of live music, takes place each year on the Saturday before New Year’s Day.

With so many unique cultural events on the schedule each year, the holiday season is a great time to visit Aruba. As the excitement is known to spread across the island, visitors won’t have to look far to find some of Aruba’s most interesting holiday traditions.

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Exploring The Impact Of You Tube On Australian Rock Music

The advent of YouTube has revolutionized the way we consume music, breaking down barriers and providing musicians with a global platform to showcase their talents. The Australian rock music scene has greatly benefited from this digital revolution, garnering international recognition through YouTube’s vast reach and accessibility.

With over 2 billion logged-in monthly users, YouTube has become the go-to platform for music discovery, enabling artists and listeners to connect directly. Australian rock music, known for its rich history and distinctive sound, has found a new lease on life through YouTube’s extensive catalogue of videos and user-generated content.

One of the key advantages YouTube offers to Australian rock music is its ability to bypass traditional gatekeepers and reach a worldwide audience. Previously, Australian rock bands often struggled to gain exposure beyond their home country due to limited resources and geographical constraints. However, with YouTube, artists can independently upload their music videos, live performances, and interviews, instantly reaching fans across the globe. This democratization of the music industry has allowed Australian rock music to thrive on a global scale.

YouTube has also facilitated the rise of Australian rock music by fostering an engaged community of music enthusiasts. Fans can easily discover and share their favorite Australian rock bands, contributing to the development of niche communities and fostering a sense of camaraderie among listeners. The platform’s algorithmic recommendations and personalized playlists further expose users to new and emerging Australian rock acts, ensuring a continuous influx of fresh talent into the scene.

Australian rock musicians have embraced YouTube as a valuable tool for connecting with their audience and growing their fan base. By regularly uploading content, such as music videos, lyric videos, and acoustic performances, artists can maintain a consistent presence on the platform, keeping fans engaged and building anticipation for new releases. YouTube’s monetization features also allow musicians to generate revenue from their videos, providing a sustainable source of income and empowering them to continue creating music.

Furthermore, YouTube has played a significant role in the revival of classic Australian rock music. Many iconic Australian bands from the ’70s and ’80s have reemerged on the platform, attracting a new generation of fans. With their music videos and live performances readily available, these bands can reconnect with their existing fan base while introducing their timeless sound to younger audiences.

Australian rock music owes a debt of gratitude to YouTube for its role in promoting diversity within the genre. The platform has become a breeding ground for artists experimenting with fusion genres, blending rock with elements of indigenous music, reggae, and electronic music. This cultural fusion has allowed Australian rock to evolve and adapt, appealing to a broader range of listeners.

In conclusion, YouTube has transformed the landscape of the Australian rock music scene. Through its vast global reach, engagement-driven community, and monetization opportunities, the platform has empowered Australian rock artists to connect with a worldwide audience, gain recognition, and thrive in an industry traditionally dominated by major record labels. As YouTube continues to evolve, so too will the impact it has on Australian rock music, ensuring its continued growth and success in the digital age.

Music In Redding California

Music in Redding California


Albert Raken

Growth of the Redding Music Scene

I was probably about fourteen when I first started going to shows in Redding. It was exciting. We would go to shows at the Plumber s Hall with bands such as A Case for Radio and EjLife. It was really a diverse music scene back then with everything from acoustic to rock to rap and industrial and punk. All sorts of bands would play at shows together.

As a result the Redding shows would get bigger and then eventually get shut down. The scene moved from venue to venue looking for a place to stay. It passes through the Lyons Hall, Boy Scout clubs and whatever hall they could rent just to have some bands play for no money.


Another big growth for the Redding music scene was the Millville Grange. Shows there would average 150 people. The venue was large so it didn t look that full, but it was. As with many venues the building was shut down due to fighting and underage drinking. So Redding music was off to find a new home.

Even though the venues were shutting down the Redding music scene itself was growing and scenes were starting to split off. Punk became a huge movement in Redding music at that point with bands like 3 out of 4 and the Rowdies. Musically it was a very exciting time, but the activities with 15-20 year olds playing punk shut down even more venues and the Redding music scene was reduced to house parties, garages, and generators in fields.

Punk dominated the scene for a few years and then kids started to have enough of their shows being shut down and hardcore straight edge moved in. The kids thought they were making a huge difference, but the violence that came out of that pyridine shift in the Redding music scene was even more detrimental to the venues and there we even a few law suits.

That s not to say that no great bands came from that era in Redding s music life. NCS and Set it Straight had huge followings. The Straight Edge Hardcore scene was not all that different from the punk scene. Bands singing about working together to make a change and fans doing the exact opposite. Little, if any, of the violence or other drug issues were actually caused by the bands themselves.

Redding bands finally found a home at the Red White and Brew, but it was too little too late. The world had shifted. Scenes were no longer homes for lost people to find refuge. Scenes had become hairstyles. Disposable music had hit Redding in a big way and Redding music was going to suffer for it.

Just as business started to boom and more and more bars and venues opened up looking for music people started to care a little less about what that music was. It seems that music is no longer something that the youth use to define themselves. People no longer seem to band together just to bring music to the Redding area.

I still have hope. Hope that music in Redding will find a sound and influence the world in a positive artistic way. With the amalgamation of the world s arts via the internet we are probably not in for a future where each location will have its own sound and flavor, but I would like to see that for Redding. Redding music has a sound. It just needs to be remembered and polished and delivered.

Music in Redding California

has been a passion of mine from day one. I have promoted shows and

events in Redding

since high school and will continue for quite some time.

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Doom Metal Music

Doom Metal Music



Doom Metal is known as a sub genre of metal music. This metal genre is classified by the the development, style and instruments. This helps break down the genres and sub genres of music. Most doom metal music is really a step down in guitar tuning, speed and also the amounts of distortion. You will find a lot of lyrics about misery, fear and death. Most doom metal music songs are structured like this.


Characteristics of Doom Metal Vocals Vocals in doom metal have less growls plus more clean vocals. Some band will deliver out a scream here and there within their music. Ozzy Osbourne and Bobby Lebling are a couple of the best vocalists that have incorporated this style inside their music. Like any other type of music, other bands will have other ways to do things. You will discover the high pitched screams with a mix of growl vocals. Like any other kind of music, doom metal songs are about anything that has motivated them in everyday life. Many of the popular emotions they write about includes sorrow, depression, death, fear and anger. There are other aspets that doom metal musicians take. There have been tons of songs that have included inspiration from literature, symbolism and religion. Elements of Instruments Like other metal bands, doom metal is structured exactly the same way.. It’ll have electric guitars, drums and bass guitar. There are keyboards mixed or integrated in doom metal. To get the low distortion, bass guitarists and guitarists will tune their instruments a couple of notes less than the standard. With all the notes low, this would help provide more bass for more distortion. Having the bass guitar tuned down will give it a heavier bass feel to the song. The drums will often have a double bass pedal or double bass drums to give it the final heavy distortion feel. Other Sub Genres of Doom Metal You can also find different styles and features within the sub genres of doom metal music. Every one of them have their own method of expressing their music. Listed here is a quick list of the various sub genres you will discover.

  • Traditional Doom Metal
  • Epic
  • Stoner
  • Sludge
  • Death Doom
  • Black Doom Metal

You can have a look at more information about the other doom metal sub genres in my other post coming up. There is loads of inspiration and imagination in each of the various genres in metal music. They are created by others and will continue to change.

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Heavy Metal Songs

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How To Profit From Competitive Price Intelligence

byAlma Abell

It is important to understand that retail competition isn’t just about getting the prices of your competitors and then reacting. Competitive price intelligence is about gathering information, spotting trends and developing strategies and insight. This will ultimately help you set the best pricing and help you reach the top in your industry.

One thing competitive price intelligence will do for you is to help you calculate profits and decide on the optimal pricing. Everyone realizes that the right price is essential, but most people don’t know how to get to that optimal price. Price intelligence will help by providing insights that are gained while the data is analyzed.

It will also help you by charting how often competitors change their prices. This can be important information; you will be able to see how many times per day or week the prices are changed on comparable products. This can help you start finding patterns and incorporate those patterns into your own business strategy.

Competitive price intelligence software will also help you find out about your competitor’s stock cycle. This can be extremely beneficial to you. Know when your competition runs out of stock and gets new stock in; while they are currently out of stock, you should have those products in stock and consider raising prices.

The price intelligence software will also be able to tell you the competition’s promotional prices. It won’t just say that the item is on sale, but it will collect data as to what items are on sale and what those prices are. It will even give you the price difference and percentages so that you always know their prices.

Competitive Price Intelligence could help you understand the retail competition giving you invaluable insight into the market. Contact Price Manager today for info.