Loving My Muck Boots

Submitted by: Don VanPelt

I am absolutely loving my Muck Boots! It seems like finding the perfect pair of boots is like searching for the Holy Grail. I have purchased dozens of pairs, trying to find a pair that I can really count on to be warm, 100% waterproof, well-constructed, and actually comfortable for a long day s work. I find that I am consistently disappointed left with cold, wet feet and blisters. That is, until I just purchased my first pair of Muck Boots. I don t think I ll ever go back now.

As a year-round outdoor construction worker, if I want to make money then I have to be willing and able to work in all sorts of weather conditions. Winters around here are very long, and they bring a wide variety of weather some days are well below freezing with intolerable temperatures and icy surfaces, other days bring wet, slushy conditions. I have to work no matter what the weatherman says. Having a pair of boots that I can count on to perform well in any situation makes a huge difference in my ability to do my job successfully.


I was surprised to discover that a pair of durable work boots could actually be really comfortable. I bought myself a pair of Arctic Sport Extreme Conditions Sport Boots and now I have absolutely no problem making it through a long work day in the cold or wet weather. These boots are incredibly durable, and I work in some pretty rugged conditions outdoors. Muck Boots are definitely built to last, with a tough outsole that provides excellent protection and stability, and a molded midsole and contoured footbed that keeps my feet comfortably cushioned for the whole day. No worries about those cold days, either, since these Muck Boots are thermal insulated and designed to endure temps as low as forty degrees below zero!

The stretch-fit upper fits snug to my calves, keeping the warmth in and the cold out, yet allowing me incredible freedom of movement I hardly know I am wearing boots! Whether I am climbing a ladder or carrying heavy building materials, I know my footing is safe and secure when I am wearing my Muck Boots. And, an extra toe bumper helps out when my cold hands drop something heavy! If only Muck Boots made gloves, too .

I ve been through more than my fair share of cheap, generic rubber boots that just don t hold up as well or keep me as warm and comfortable as my Muck Boots. Amazingly enough, these boots don t look at all like you d expect for such a utility boot. They are actually pretty sleek and stylish for a durable work boot, and I am seriously thinking about getting myself another pair for everyday wear. There are definitely plenty of styles to choose from, and there are some that would definitely pass for a pair of great shoes the secret is how durable and comfortable they actually are for any conditions. And, I may have just started a new trend, since the guys on my crew are all looking to get themselves some Muck Boots, after seeing how much of a difference mine have made!

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