Fantastic Facts About Dibang Valley}

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Fantastic facts about Dibang valley


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Dibang valley district has two divisions to it; the lower Dibang valley and the upper Dibang valley. The divisions were made from the erstwhile joint district of Dibang. Situated in the north eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, the Dibang valley district is quite well known for its scenic landscapes and the adventurous wildlife sanctuaries, rich with flora and fauna. The facts stated in this article about Dibang valley district will only kindle your interest more to visit this place. With hilly surroundings and a quaint look at the outset, Dibang is certainly a spot which can be included in your must visit destinations.

The capital of the whole district is at Anini. The districts Government offices are located here. Roing is also another important town in this district. The major languages spoken here are Assamese, English and Hindi. Another interesting fact about Dibang valley is the wildlife sanctuary that is situated on the outskirts. The sanctuary houses some wild species like the musk deer, black bear and much more. A visit to the sanctuary makes for an adventurous trip. The upper valley doesnt have much tourist attractions to offer for the tourists. Read on to know more about the lower Dibang valley.

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The lower valley is one of the 16 administrative districts in Arunachal Pradesh. Blessed with immense natural beauty, the lower valley has quite a number of tourist attractions to offer. The Mayudia, Sally Lake, Mehao wildlife sanctuary, Mehao Lake and the Forest Park are some of the main attractions at this valley. An interesting aspect about Dibang is its locals. The Adis and the Idus are the local tribal inhabitants of this place. They are quite reserved in nature and very rarely come out of their habitats. But they are quite friendly people to move with once you start communicating with them.

The highest peak in Dibang valley is supposed to be the highest point in the whole of north east India too. The tribal people often indulge in celebrations during the festival times with folk dances and stage shows of their own; an interesting aspect about Dibang valley. The more you venture into the valley, the more you will know about the surroundings and the people. The best time to visit Dibang valley is during the months of November to February. Dibang is certainly a worthy place to visit at least once in your life time.

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Fantastic facts about Dibang valley}

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