About Massage Thearapy

Submitted by: Chris Sarjeant

Massage is the methodical manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. It can be utilized as a therapeutic agent by assisting bodily functions in many different ways It can improve your sleep, encourages blood and lymph flow through the body, by lowering your blood pressure, it also reduces the amount of toxins in body, which have been absorbed into the body from pollution and over exercise and stress. Massage also, relieves muscle tension and discomfort. Caused by the build up of lactic acid

It can be categorized into many different forms and is often referred to as Sport’s Massage, Remedial and Swedish massage, and with only one massage, you will experience a more tranquil feeling and sense of well being.

You may also notice a noteworthy decrease in neck and shoulder pain, back aches or even headaches. If we apply our muscles frequently and or with exercise, the body produces lactic acid.


Extreme lactic acid increase in the body causes muscle tenderness and fatigue. Though, the effects are temporary if you get a regular massage. In general massage falls in the category of preventative medicine. There are many clients who wait until a problem is to some extent agonizing before they come to a massage therapist seeking to be fixed.

The therapist provides the necessary aid to the client so that they may return to a healthy state; it is then advisable to keep up with regular massage. It is confirmed that massage received on a regular basis, used with a healthy lifestyle, can produce benefits for the long term.

The immune system is enhanced which gives the body the strength to fight of any infections or diseases. Resent information, showed that stress-related disorders can make up to about 80% of ailments that convey people to visit their doctor.

Massage therapy is becoming more broadly recognized by the general public as an important form of treatment. With Remedial and Sports massage being more popular and Sports can be useful to everyone and not just to athletes. Massage therapists are now more and more working beside other healthcare practitioners. Physiotherapists and Chiropractors are now finding the blend beneficial, so the profession of massage continues to expand.

A massage therapist will pay attention to treating health problems relating to specific muscular conditions. People have been using massage on each other for thousands of years. A welcoming soothing touch is understood to have the importantance to the psychological state of mind, and the ability to lift a person s spirit enough to trigger a healing response by the body-mind.

In fact most forms of massage have been based on ancient techniques that have been passed down through history and from many cultures from around the world have developed their own individual modalities of bodywork and are often integrated into a vast range of holistic healing practices, like Indian ayurvedic, Reiki and traditional Chinese medicines

A vast majority of people these days are considering massage as there essential part of a personal care routine. A portion of a therapist’s job is to work with a wide range of people. There are many people seeking massage therapy solely for relaxation, most clients come to a therapist for more remedial massage involving more deeper muscle tissue work on particular muscle injury s or complaints.

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Is It Safe To Do Windsor Pilates While Pregnant?

With so much controversy surrounding fitness routines and pregnancy it is understandable that there is some fear involved. If you are concerned, it is always wise to discuss your fitness plans with your doctor or midwife. If nothing else it will put your mind at ease or inform you of problems that might be specific to you and your pregnancy. In fact, talking to your doctor is always advisable before beginning any fitness routine (pregnant or not).

A large number of Pilates exercises focus on the core muscles that will be used during the course of pregnancy and childbirth. The stretching, mental focus, and focus on posture and alignment will also be of noticeable benefit throughout the pregnancy and childbirth process. Of the greatest benefit however to expecting moms is the fact that engaging in Winsor Pilates exercises throughout pregnancy will often work to make the labor process easier. In addition to that, maintaining a level of fitness pre and post pregnancy will also help you recover your pre pregnancy body much more rapidly.


There are specific exercises within Winsor Pilates that are especially great for expecting moms. These exercises tend to be low-impact, no sweat types of exercises that are centered around the idea of increasing circulation and oxygen flow to your growing baby. The breathing techniques that you employ in your Winsor Pilates workout will assist you in the labor process and the ability to center and focus will also be of great benefit.

There have been many routines created that are specifically designed with pregnant women in mind. These routines are designed to help you maintain control over your body even when you feel like your body is out of control. Most of the Pilates exercises for pregnant women are available for all experience levels with Winsor Pilates as well as early, late, and post pregnancy.

If you are an expecting mom or a new mom who is trying desperately to reclaim her body, then you really might want to give Winsor Pilates a try.

The Healing Power Of Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage

Submitted by: Terry Small

Who would expect that aside from our hands, our foot can also be used as a powerful tool in relaxing and treating people with various medical conditions? Although most massage therapies all around the world focus on the healing ability of the hands, newer types of therapeutic and relaxing massages are using the wonders and advantages of the feet.

Barefoot deep tissue massage is a type of deep penetrating massage therapy with the use of the foot instead of the conventional manipulation of massage strokes and techniques with the hands. The therapy provides a relaxing and comfortable experience to the client while the therapist works on relieving painful conditions including common ailments such as headaches and migraines.

In most massage therapies, the hands of the masseuse usually get injured in the long run due to the stressful use of the hands. Hours and hours of exerting force on the body of a client can cause painful conditions and eventually injuries to the hands of the therapist. Because of this, John Harris started using his developed technique in performing massage strokes with his feet instead of his hands to avoid accumulating pressure and stress on his massage tools. The technique is quite new but has already gained quite popularity due to many good reasons including the no strain, no stress, and less injury benefit it does for the massage therapist.


A client is politely asked to lie on a floor mat during a barefoot deep tissue massage therapy session where he or she can wear loose clothing. The therapy will be performed by the masseuse in different comfortable positions where he or she will not need to exert pressure in providing force in each stroke. The therapist combines the use of the heel and the bone of the foot at the outer end part when conducting variations of massage strokes and techniques. The therapist works on the trigger points of the human body in order to relieve body pain. Myofascial release technique is also used while conducting compressive strokes to amplify the effects of the massage therapy. Some therapist prefers to use massage oil during the therapy session while others conduct massage strokes without using lubricants on the skin.

The therapy delivers a relaxing and soothing mind and body experience that can keep clients from coming back for more. The therapy is great for individuals who are stressed and have chronic fatigue as the techniques used are great for breaking down tensions in the body. Although the session can be slightly painful in some parts due to its being a deep tissue type of massage, the whole treatment can become quite relieving and satisfying.

One way of enjoying the treatment is to have it from a professional and certified massage therapist as they are trained in correctly pinpointing the trigger areas that are responsible for releasing tension in order for relief to settle inside the body. They are also educated in keeping away from the risks and dangers of leaving injuries in a massage therapy session.

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What Does One Gain From A Massage?

Submitted by: Sharon Campbell

You hear people talk about enjoying a good massage and how it can affect one s mood after. They enjoy massage as much as they enjoy eating. It gives them a sense of well-being and they feel that they can tackle any problems that lie ahead. So what exactly is a massage?

The word massage is thought to have come from different languages and each language has its own definition of the word. The French word massage means friction of kneading while the Arabic has the word massa which means to touch, feel or handle. The Latin has also the word massa but it means dough or mass. While the ancient Greek uses anatripsis to mean massage.

Massage manipulates the layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance their performance and also to help the person relax and have a sense of well-being. The manipulation is systemized and is aimed to normalize the function of the tissues. Massage therapists would use primarily use their hands but would also use their forearms, elbows or feet depending on the type of massage they are doing. The pressure they apply may either be fixed or movable.


The therapists are all trained in the art of massage. They are trained to specialize in the art of touch that and to combine science with this knowledge. They all learn specific techniques for different kinds of massage and they use their extraordinary sense of touch so they can determine the right amount of pressure to apply and on how to locate the areas where there is much tension.

Do you notice that your shoulder gets so hard when you are tensed and overworked? That is caused by lactic acid. Lactic acid is a waste product by overworked muscles and once they accumulate in the muscle, they can cause soreness, stiffness and sometimes, muscle spasm.

When one is having a massage, the continuous kneading and application of pressure on the muscles and tissues removes the lactic acid build up and improves circulation. An improved circulation increases the blood flow and brings fresh oxygen to the body tissues. Sufficient amount of oxygen in the body tissues is very important as this can assist in the elimination of waste products, healing is faster after an injury and helps in the recovery from disease.

A regular massage session can promote a sense of general well-being and can boost your self esteem. You will have a more positive outlook in life and you will be more relaxed in your pace. You will generally feel better inside because a regular massage can help in lowering your blood pressure as the blood circulation is improved.

These are just some of the things one can benefit from a regular massage session. If you are doubtful, it is suggested that you try having one. You will see that your body will be more relaxed and supple after a session. You will also find out that you will be able to sleep well as your body is relieved from tension. You will notice a lot of changes in your body but it is not enough to hear about it. The best way to find out is to experience it.

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Massage The Timeless Miracle

Massage The Timeless Miracle



The typical initiation to massage is motivated by a stressful or painful condition. But massage\’s magical ministrations go deeper and offer you far more than you may have ever suspected. Regular massage can greatly benefit your overall health and well-being. Read on to learn some of the wonderful health aspects available to you through massage. The more you learn about massage, the more you\’ll benefit from each of our sessions. This overview touches on some of the basic massage benefits available to you. Massage: Alleviates stress Aids digestion Improves circulation Relieves tight or sore muscles Aids detoxification Improves range of motion And much more… The most obvious benefit shared by virtually everyone is that a full body massage makes you feel great! The stress-relieving, soothing results are enough for many to include massage as a regular part of their lives. But what of the less obvious benefits?

The first sense to develop is your sense of touch. It\’s not surprising when you consider that each square inch of your skin contains roughly 50 nerve endings. With as many as five million total touch receptors in your skin relaying messages on to your brain, your body\’s initial response to massage is to relax and de-stimulate. Even a simple touch has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce the heart rate. Touch can also signal the brain to produce endorphins, your body\’s natural pain suppressors. Going deeper, massage can restore suppleness and strength to your muscles, improving their overall function. It\’s the ideal treatment for releasing tension or muscles in spasm and helps to release toxins such as lactic acid (produced by muscle tissue during exercise), as well. Proper circulation is vital to continued health. Your blood and lymph carry nourishment to the trillions of cells throughout your body and then carry away the waste to be eliminated from the cells. Massage encourages a better exchange of nutrients at the cellular level and more thorough detoxification. Remember, the future \”you\” is determined by how well your army of cells regenerate themselves, so this is indeed a critical part of remaining healthy. The nervous system is your communication network, sending messages constantly that determine proper functioning throughout your body. Stress can affect the ability of the nervous system to do its job.


The many nerve endings found in the skin and muscles are soothed by massage, and this contributes to keeping your internal lines of communication open and operational. Massage also aids in maintaining flexibility in your joints, such as the knee, hip, spine, shoulder, and neck. These joints are thoroughfares for nerves, veins and arteries, so their freedom of movement allow energy and blood to flow unimpeded. So, you can see massage does quite a bit more than just relax you and work out the kinks in a sore back. Since massage has been practiced for thousands of years and is one of the earliest known health treatments known to man, why don\’t you hear more about it in today\’s society?

In fact, massage today is rapidly growing in popularity and reputation. Besides being misunderstood, massage has had to overcome the reluctance many people have regarding physical contact. Of course, once they experience a therapeutic massage for themselves, most people are hooked. A 1997 Life magazine article explored some of the research underway regarding the benefits of massage. Undertaken by the Touch Research Institute in Miami, ongoing studies are showing amazing results, as the following quotes indicate: \”…More than 50 TRI studies have shown massage to have positive effects on conditions from colic to hyperactivity to diabetes to migraines — in fact, on every malady TRI has studied thus far.

Massage, it seems, helps asthmatics breathe easier, boosts immune function in HIV-positive patients, improves autistic children\’s ability to concentrate, lowers anxiety in depressed adolescents… \”…Massage can increase the lymph flow rate. It enhances immune function and lowers levels of (two) stress hormones… \”…Field (the director of TRI) worries that Americans aren\’t getting enough touch…At the TRI preschool, teachers encourage \’positive touch.\’ They dole out unlimited hugs, backrubs and shoulder pats…Most of the 40 children, from six months to five years in age, get a daily 15-minute rubdown, which leaves them according to TRI research, more alert, more responsive, able to sleep more deeply…\” As you can see, massage offers more benefits than you may have imagined. Isn\’t it good to know that something that feels so great can contribute to your long-term health as well?

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