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Once you have decided on the GM car you wish to buy, you will be asked whether you want to activate the GM Onstar Service. Weve all seen the commercials and the TV shows utilizing Onstar to solve crimes and get the bad guy, but is it really worth the monthly investment? Based on safety alone, in my opinion, yes it is.

One of the best features of GMs Onstar is the Stolen Vehicle Assistance feature. Available on 2009-10 vehicles, this feature includes a remote ignition block and stolen vehicle slowdown. If your vehicle is stolen, Onstar will use GPS to locate the vehicle, call the authorities and aid them in retrieving the stolen vehicle. The remote ignition block will prevent the vehicle from being started again once it has been turned off. If the vehicle is still moving, the stolen vehicle slowdown option will slow the vehicle to an idle-like speed. This will definitely put an end to high speed car chases and the dangers that can ensue. Police departments can work in conjunction with Onstar to find, slow down and even stop the stolen vehicle without all of the wasted time, energy and money.

Another safety feature of Onstar is roadside assistance. You may already belong to AAA or a similar company which works the same way. But by using Onstars assistance you will cut down your bills and consolidate all of your safety concerns on one monthly bill. Also, many assistance options can be taken care of through a remote signal from Onstar. These features include remote door unlock, which is helpful to someone who has locked their keys in the car. Also remote horns and lights, this feature helps you find your car in a large parking area if you get lost and confused.

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Automatic Crash Response is invaluable in getting help quickly. Emergency Room Doctors talk about the Golden Hour which means getting an injury victim to a hospital in under an hour increases your chance of survival immensely. Image you have crashed on a country road, you are hurt and cant respond. It could be hours before someone notices you in that ditch. GMs Onstar, sensors built into your vehicle can alert an Onstar representative who can automatically connect to your vehicle to see if you need help.

Using built in GPS; Onstar can find your exact location and contact the authorities. Providing critical data to the response team within minutes of the crash, increasing your chance of reaching a hospital within the Golden Hour and greatly increasing the odds of survival.

Lesser safety features include turn-by-turn navigation. You will never have to look away from the road to look at your GPS again. Call the advisor, tell them your destination and Onstar will send the upcoming turns and street names to you straight through the radio system. If you make a mistake, the turn-by-turn system will know and help you re-navigate back on track. This feature is not only for safety but cuts down on wasted time and money spent on gas.

It seems as easy as 123, why wouldnt you want help from GM Onstar? It is the new millennium, and life is changing as fast as technology can dictate. Keeping up, and using the technological tools to your advantage is the best way to stay safe, connected and responsible. Dont be caught out in the rain with no help, GMs Onstar feature is built for exactly that.

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