Acid Glass Etching As A Unique Art Form

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Acid Glass Etching as A Unique Art Form


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This technique is often confused with sandblasting, however, acid etching offers many more finishes and degrees of transparency and diffusion of light.

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Acid glass etching has been used for centuries dating back to the Victorian times where examples of this art form can be witnessed through mirrors and pub windows during the Victorian era. This type of etching was used to add decoration and color to glass and mirrors. The original process for acid glass etching was to use a wax stencil that was placed on areas of the glass or mirror that the artist did not want exposed to the acid. Artists used Hydrofluoric Acid which is the best type of acid to be used for glass etching yet it is lethal to a human being. When the glass or mirror was dipped into the acid, the fumes that it produced were poisonous and if the Hydrofluoric Acid touched a part of the artists body, it would dissolve the skin and tissue. Many artists have even lost their fingers and hands due to the use of this acid. Now in the modern era many new techniques are introduced. Chemical creams and solutions are used for glass etching. When compared to Hydrofluoric acid these solutions are very cheaper and they serve better to produce their masterpiece. These solutions and creams are not harmful and they never create side effects to the artists. Thus they can do their work without fear. There is actually a difference between sand blasting and glass etching. In sand blasting artist need to carve the glass or mirror but in glass etching it is not required. Artist need to spend more time in case of sand blasting and not in glass etching. Nowadays artists use chemicals and not hydrofluoric acid. We can very well find the difference between a glass etching that is done with the help of hydrofluoric acid and with the help of chemicals. The one that is done with the hydrofluoric acid will be very attractive and the other will give a dull look. Sand blasting will also give a good look when compared to the glass etching done with the help to chemicals and solutions. Artists should be very careful while preparing a glass etching. In acid and sand blasting various techniques are available to produce different types of glass etching and sand blasting but in chemical glass etching varieties are minimum and hence there is always a draw back in case of chemical glass itching when compared to the other two types. This is one of the lost arts and few people are able to offer this technique today. It is also more expensive as it is much more specialised and uses very dangerous chemicals which are potentially lethal. Hydrofloric Acid is the only acid which is corrosive to glass but unfortunately disolves human tissue as well so strict safety precautions need to be adhered to.


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Acid Glass Etching as A Unique Art Form

Manhood Irritation? Try Tantric Intimacy Instead}

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Many men will smile when they discuss manhood irritation. Why? Because quite often, a man got that irritated male organ after many long hours of intimate activity with an eager and enthusiastic partner. Even with the best male organ care, too much friction can mean the member gets red, sore and irritated after a great night.

But it doesnt have to be that way. In fact, a man can have marathon intimacy sessions that dont leave him with any manhood irritation at all but give him even more pleasure than he thought possible. Its called tantric intimacy. And theres a reason its been around for thousands of years.

What is tantric intimacy?

Tantric coupling, or tantra, is actually a form of deep meditation with a loving partner. It uses mindful sensuality and expands the definition of intimacy to include not just the body and mind, but the heart and soul as well. Tantric intimacy, when approached properly, can lead to some of the most amazing closeness a man has ever had.

Keep in mind that it can take many years to perfect tantra. This brief overview will help a man get into the idea of tantric coupling and decide if he wants to pursue it to the next level.

Tips for incorporating tantric intimacy

Yes, tantra does mean a slow down in the typical session. While a couple might normally be satisfied with a session that lasts thirty minutes or so, those who engage in tantra are just getting started at that point! Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help a man move into longer, more leisurely sessions.

1.Lose track of time. Literally! Turn around the clock so the numbers are facing the wall, not the bed. Lose the watch. Plan the first session on a night will be followed by a leisurely morning with no obligations. The idea is to slow down dramatically and focus on every aspect of what is happening.

2.Cater to all senses. Tantric coupling isnt just about the body. Its about the whole of the experience. To get there, ensure that every part of the atmosphere is as sensual as possible. Invest in those amazing sheets that feel like heaven on the skin, bring delightful snacks into the bedroom (chocolate-covered strawberries are a great start) and use candles to light up the night.

3.Keep eye contact. Really connecting with a partner takes more than a few touches. Think about this surprising fact: Most couples dont look into each others eyes while in bed together. Change that by looking deep into her eyes while doing whatever it is that feels good.

4.Eliminate distractions. The buzzing of a phone is a true buzzkill. The light from the television overshadows the candles. Eliminate as many distractions as possible and focus on the five senses, one at a time, to get centered and focused.

5.Slow down. One aspect of tantric intimacy is the idea of worshipping a partner. Do this by slowing down everything in the bedroom. For instance, make strokes long and sensual instead of hurried. Dont just focus on the pleasure-inducing zones. This should be a full-body, immersive experience.

6.Keep the journey in mind. Many men have the goal of male release. Instead of that, focus on what it takes to get there. A long, drawn-out session can be what it takes to give both partners the ultimate pleasure, but no one will get there by keeping score or planning for what comes at the end.

Manhood irritation from too much intimacy can be alleviated with a great member health crme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). But it is just as important to use that wonderful crme for issues that have nothing to do with irritation. For instance, a crme that includes vitamin A is helpful for keeping skin smooth and supple, while L-arginine can help with healthy circulation. Look for a soothing Shea butter and vitamin E combination to help keep a man even more prepared for a long session.

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