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If you receive an IRS Notice CP14 in the form of a notice certified by the USPS from the IRS, the IRS wants you to know that you have a tax debt and must pay your income taxes. Notice 1212 “Automated Telephone Service,” Publication 1 “Your Rights as a Taxpayer,” and Form 2210 “Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals, Estates & Trusts” may be included with IRS Notice CP-14 (Balance Due).

Issues to Consider Concerning IRS Notice CP14 Amount Due: IRS Notice CP 14 only shows the legitimate total you owe the IRS. It does not imply that mathematical errors triggered your current tax problem. CP14 Balance Due simply displays the total amount of under-paid tax you owe regarding the IRS documents. The middle section of the warning signifies the tax you recorded on your return, the credits the IRS implemented, and the under-payment that you’re now required to pay the IRS will also be included.

Corrective Actions with Regard to an IRS Notice CP 14: The first thing you have to do to stop remedial actions from the IRS is to confirm the listing of payments the IRS placed on your current information as outlined in IRS Notice CP-14. In some instances, a repayment that was applied mistakenly led to the CP-14 Balance Due Notice you received from IRS. In the event you verify and realize that there’s certainly a misapplied payment, you must go to work quickly to prove your side of the history and win against the IRS. Once the IRS confirms the payment the IRS ought to do what is actually correct and work to have the interest and penalties listed within IRS Notice CP 14 reduced or completely removed.


Go ahead and do just a little private investigating to see exactly what IRS Notice CP14 suggests is in line or entirely wrong, if CP14 is accurate, it’s best to pay out the money owed by the date mentioned on the notice. In the event you discount your commitments including refusing to repay the tax debt outlined on CP-14, extra penalties and interest shall be incurred and a Tax Levy or Tax Lien will ultimately get issued towards you.

Arguing the CP14 IRS Notice Balance to Be Paid: It is under your control to make your own voice heard and bring up any kind of difference you may have about the tax debt total listed in Notice CP 14 from the Internal Revenue Service, the sooner the better. The down side to raising a discussion with the IRS is these people have already got the upper hand, this is certainly the government you’re struggling with in this case and they have a lot of power.

Check below and see if any of these situations apply to you, you may not owe the balance in the CP-14 IRS Notice after all.

Misplaced Deposit for the Internal Revenue Service: It is typical for the IRS’ electronic system to send CP-14 because of an error because a payment you’ve made didn’t reach the IRS. Make sure you call the IRS about the payment you made then wait and see while the IRS attempts to pinpoint the amount you made. In case the IRS is not able to find the transaction you have made to them, they may require to get some of this info on the bank check you make use of to repay them, or for some other record that payment was made. The IRS will record that information and halt any collection efforts while they look. If the IRS payment you made cannot be found by the IRS, count on them to require a xerox copy of both sides of the check(s) you mailed to them as coverage for the tax debt owed to them.

More Tips about IRS Notice CP-14: In most cases, IRS Notice CP-14 complications are typically taken care of easily. You won’t succeed with IRS Notice CP 14 unless you have studied the IRS and find out some insider tricks. If you are insecure and have no place to go with your new IRS complications, it could be in your best interest to get an IRS tax debt pro to solve the IRS Notice CP 14 issues. If you determine that you’ll work at maximum efficiency with a knowledgeable professional working for you, only work with corporations you have looked into to ensure you get the best quality of service on the market.

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