Aarogya Herbal Tea For The Wholesome Goodness!}

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In todays fast paced and continuously moving world, paying attention towards health is the number one goal and priority. To take a step closer towards achieving this goal, Kairali offers a completely ayurvedic herbal tea named Aarogya herbal tea. Tea is a part of ones daily routine and this organic tea insure that ones day starts on a healthy note.

What it is made with?

This herbal tea contains Madhurimis, Pippali, Sunthi, Nagakesara, Ela and Twak. The key ingredients of the organic tea are black pepper and ginger that bring in the health and goodness that this organic tea provides. Made from carefully chosen and handpicked natural ingredients, this ayurvedic tea is not only a healthy but a delicious alternative to regular tea.

The flavours are well balanced and cater to all tastes. Being rich in flavour, this organic herbal tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day and it can be easily incorporated in the daily routine. This ayurvedic herbal tea is a healthy and smart alternative to the caffeinated beverages, especially coffee and green tea, available in the market. This herbal tea has a unique blend of herbs, fruits and spices that makes it a delicious and healthy alternative to regular tea. These ingredients are combined in a fixed and perfected ratio to deliver the best natural and tasty beverage to the consumer. Kairali has successfully managed to make a perfect tasty morning beverage to kick start the day in healthy fashion.


This organic tea is as pure and natural as it can get. This constitutes the speciality of the herbal tea. This ayurvedic tea is caffeine free. Having absolutely no additives and preservatives makes this organic herbal tea completely healthy and enriching for the body. This ayurvedic herbal tea is a natural concoction that is loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants. This is enriching for the body and keeps one fit and healthy.

This herbal tea acts as a purifier. It purifies the body of all chemical impurities. By doing so this organic tea provides a clean and fresh start. It marks the beginning of a healthier, happier and longer life. Being completely chemical free itself it has no side effects. All it does is provide enriching nutrients to the body, making it stronger and healthier.

How is it consumed?

Add half a teaspoon of Kairalis Aarogya herbal tea to three fourth cup of boiling water. One may add palm sugar and jaggery, if desired. It tastes best when taken warm and gives best results when consumed daily.

Benefits of Kairalis Aarogya herbal Tea

Aarogaya means free from disease and this is exactly what this herbal tea aims to do. It offers numerous health benefits. With the addition of this ayurvedic tea in ones life one is taking a conscious decision towards a healthier, happier and longer life. The natural origin of this Organic Herbal Tea delivers various benefits to the consumers.

Helps in improving digestion: Being low in tannin, this ayurvedic tea increases the rate of metabolism of the body making digestion easy and proper. Consumption of this herbal tea also results in an increase in the rate of absorption of iron and protein in the body.

Source of anti-oxidants: This Organic tea is rich in anti-oxidants which offer various health benefits to the body.

Lowers Cholestrol and Allergies: It plays an instrumental role in reducing allergies and lowering your cholesterol. It is also effective against common diseases like cough and cold.

Sharpens Memory and reduces strain: This organic herbal tea also helps in sharpening ones memory, regulating their appetite and enhancing their metabolism. On a daily basis this ayurvedic herbal tea relieves stress and strain, helps with digestion, improves blood circulation and maintains vitality.

Complementing the various medical benefits this organic herbal tea is also a beneficial in relaxing the body and putting it at ease after a hectic and busy day. The calming property of this herbal tea serves as an added benefit. These properties ensure the beginning of a healthy life for the consumer. The numerous health benefits that this ayurvedic herbal tea offers is what makes it a healthy and smart choice.

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