You May Think That Your Home Computer Network Is As Safe As Bug In A Rug It Is Not

Submitted by: William Piker

You may think that your home computer internet network is as safe as a bug in a rug . After all your Linksys or D-Link brand or another popular brand offers state of the art security features. Perhaps you have the standard WEP 64, or the safe as the banks WEP 128 encryption format. Perhaps you have even gone one step further to the ultra newer safe WPA router data security formats or even to greater security heights.

Your computer network is ultra secure. Or so you think and have beer reassured. Perhaps you have even had a computer security professional do the setup and maintenance,

And yet your personal data or banking information may be stolen. Your children may be directed to bad internet sites or worse. Your windows security updates may be compromised leaving your computer and network open to wide and wider scale attacks on your computer. Your confidential passwords whether they are for email, medical, airline or even banking may be compromised or stolen. Finally your computer may be utilized as a zombie in large scale denial of service attacks on the internet. Your computer and many thousands of other may be set, waiting patiently for long periods of time, to be activated as a sleeper agent. Which along with many thousand of other remote computers are set on secret activation to altogether overwhelm some target whether it be government computers, the CNN online news network or whatever?


How are all of these threats possible? Computer security is always a case of cat and mouse with human ingenuity always at the root of the game. The hackers do this.

The computer security network react to fix the security hole it issue whether it be Microsoft, Apple Computer or the Computer Hardware of Computer Hardware accessories manufacturers . And then the computer hackers think of an alternate means of attack.

In this case, even though it apparently seems that even though your wireless or simple cabled non wireless computer network has another gaping security hole. Home routers are at risk of being compromised by remote hackers. As a result of innocently or inadvertently visiting web pages malicious standard java script type software can access the controls of your home router and reset the controls inside the router to cause you big trouble.

Your router can be set to visit certain sites instead of where you wish to go. This may be simply to redirect you to sites containing advertising of the villain s daily choice. You may be taken inadvertently to websites which in a flash download further viscous and mean software, on a regular basis. Or even worse you may be taken to fake sites which are not what they represent. For example you may well type in the bank of America website. You may even have searched the name by Google. You will think you are being directed to this banking website where you enter your account name and password only to discover you cannot access your account because you are a bogus copy of the front page of that website whose purpose is to steal your banking account and passwords.

The answer to this security problem is simple. Simply change the administration password in your router from the default out of the box, out of the manual and factory to anything else.

As a result the malicious java script will not be able to unlock and enter your router and do its damage. The simple answer to these router security issues and securing your router firmly is to easily and simply change the administration password on your router whether it is wireless or a wired router. Now your home computer network and router will be safe from this threat.

About the Author: Max A. Rubin

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How Far Your Mca Degree Can Take You?

Masters in Computer Applications (MCA), the name itself is intriguing about the statures you can scale in the wake of finishing the degree. MCA directed the IT field before B. Tech in software engineering turned into this across the board and honestly, has figured out how to clutch its height significantly even after so long. Regardless of what you hear, contributing two additional years after your undergraduate degree, unquestionably has some worth, and MCA can take you to the very lengths in your profession that you really need to go. A degree from one of the top MCA colleges in Dehradun will help you to attain the right start and can set you off about immediately.

Scope of MCA in the existent job profiles

How about we start with what is out there in the present situation. If you are going to finish your MCA or contemplate joining a school, the way after your degree is straightforward. At this moment, MCA is viewed as identical to a B. Tech in software engineering. In this way, you will be qualified for every one of those occupations that the MNCs hold for computer engineers. It probably won’t be brand new information to you that the top IT firms in the nation consistently assimilate countless administrators. The opportunity to find work will come to you as ground positions if you are in one of the top best MCA colleges.

Further, you will consistently get climbs and advancements as you push ahead in time, depending upon your work execution. From being a framework designer or examiner, you will ascend the positions to turn into a team captain, manager, ultimately, enterprise director. This final advance in the specialized region will permit you to draw outrageous advantage. Soon, a period will come whenever you will get the opportunity to chip away at the site abroad. Your package will change with the organization you are landing your position in and, obviously, your field of skill. The greater the organization, the higher the pay.

The move after the undertaking administrator will include one of the accompanying two stages. Either get a degree on the board or stick around in your profile for a significant number of years. Anything higher is only here and there specialized, and organizations usually anticipate that you should increase a touch of administrative information either through a degree or work understanding. On the off chance that the head honchos are happy with your exhibition, positions like CTO are rarely far, yet you will be confined to the IT business as it were. Being an MCA that ought not to act like an issue by any stretch of the imagination. That is the stature you can arrive at following the effectively accessible alternatives. Be on an organization’s board and deal with a whole division.

Scope in future jobs

Studying Computer Applications, you may realize that the present period likewise has occupations that are yet to come to success. Some profiles will come up and soon accumulate a lot of demand. The outright option choice in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) where you can join any up and coming organization as an internetworking official or systems administration official and gradually progress onward to the region of IoT. The equivalent can be said about positions like programming improvement, equipment innovation, or application programming advancement. You will be qualified for all in the wake of completing the course and, afterward, working your way into the roads of artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and so on.

Furthermore, the blast of computer-generated reality is as of nowhere. This profile requires gifted software engineers. And afterward, there are the fields of automated vehicles, drone innovation, cybersecurity, and others. The whole specialized world is again observing a move and a new interest for computer experts are coming on the off chance that you can structure your MCA to fit these. Select the correct educational plan, and afterward, a vocation after, you can work in these up and coming fields that will see more significant salary scales inferable from their vast interest. Here additionally, you can ascend to any profession statures you need, and there will be fewer limitations.

Thus, MCA one of the best courses which can help you sail highs in your professional life.

Computer Security: The Essential Components For A Safe Computer

Submitted by: Sara Chambers

These days, computers are almost as common in households as telephones. Computers themselves do not cause any threat to individual security. When connected with networks and the chaos that is the World Wide Web, computers have become the tools that identity thieves and hackers use to extrapolate this chaos. In order to establish computer security, software companies have created devices to ward off the hazards and hassles of viruses, spyware, pop-ups and spam.

The first of these creations is anti-virus software. There are two main companies that offer this software: McAfee and Norton. These programs work to scan the files on your computer and check them for attributes that are in viruses or are often linked with viruses. These traits or attributes are often called virus definitions and need to be downloaded on a relatively regular basis. In addition to the files on your computer, files on CDs, floppy discs and e-mails can and should be filed. There is no question on this one: anti-virus software is vital to computer security.


Next on the list is spyware scanning software. Spyware occurs when certain websites run programs in the back ground of your computer while gleaning information from it. The information can be as benign as tracking what type of websites you look at, to actually acquiring passwords. Regardless of the type of spyware, it can slow your computer to a crawl and needs to be removed from your computer. Two popular software options are Spy Sweeper and Ad-ware.

Last, but certainly not least are pop-up blockers and span filters. Not only are pop-ups and spam annoying, but these often contain the spyware scanning software explained above. In addition, they can slow your computer down incredibly. And when you are angry at your computer, your computer is not secure!

In addition to these software items, there are a few more tricks you can use to keep your computer and your information secure. Password secure everything you can, and when you create the passwords, don t make them easy. Do not use your name, your birthday or your social security number. And, if you are on an unsecured wireless network, do not check your bank statements. These networks allow several people on them at one time. Remember, hackers are smart. You have to be smarter!

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Computer Security &Amp; Personal Email Certificates

Submitted by: E. Lopez

Nowadays, people like knows that everything is being taken care of via email: family messages, love letters, party rental confirmations, wedding invitations, school notifications, new account confirmations, weekly gossips among friend, the “occasional” PPS sideshow, and a gazillion more reasons that right now scape my imagination. Emailing have become a new verb in our colloquial language, and also a way of life for many Internet addicts around the world just like me–and now I caught your attention, just like you. 😉

Do you know how to send a email properly?

Emailing is fun, makes a lot of users’ life easier, and it definitely the way to approach your boss when you need a salary raise (well, don’t copy me on that yet). But I consider that a good 50% of the users out there don’t even get close to know how to use the service properly. I still get emails with endless email lists of emails from people that have forwarded and email from somebody who forwarded it after forwarding a forwarded email previously forwarded by a forw… STOP! That is example “numero uno” of emailers not knowing how to properly compose an email.

Another example is the still-unknown fact (why?) that you can hide email addresses using the BCC field to avoid the previous problem mentioned. Just put that huge list in the BCC filed instead of the TO field. In other words we have cooperated to the increasing SPAM community by not following the simple, yet unknown-by-many emailing rules. Yes, these guys just take these lists and they simply use them! However, like I sometimes say in some of my posts, “this part of another story.”


Get Protection with an Email Certificate

For those who don’t know, there is a better, securer way to send emails: get a personal, secured email certificate (or for short “PEC”). Instead of the unsecured way to send emails many are used to, you could sign up for a free PEC to digitally sign your emails, and also encrypt your messages with the same tool. Cool, huh? All of this for free! Personally, I use a Comodo Secure Email Certificate, but there are other reputable companies offering them such as Thawte that will do the job just as good. Initially, I tried to sign up for a certificate with Thawte, but I keep getting an annoying error message. A while after I decided to go with Comodo, and it has been like that ever since. However, be your own judge when acquiring a PEC.

Down Side of Certificates

I have been an avid user of these certificates for quite a while, and it is just the way to go. Nevertheless, and like many things in life, they have a down side. Unfortunately, they cannot be used with web-based email addresses such as Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail (awwwww…). Also, if you are to send an encrypted message, the other party would require to obtain a certificate as well in order to successfully protect the message. Since the majority of people haven’t obtained one yet, this process is simply not done too often.

In my opinion, there’s more about emailing than you think and most people don’t know this. SPAMERS take advantage of this ignorance to attack the most vulnerable with their “evil email campaigns” that undoubtedly annoy everybody–and Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, and other email providers simply cannot keep up with. However, even though the anti-SPAM industry has been doing a plausible job, this war has to be fought by all of us.

Be light years ahead of the majority by applying some of these simple, yet effective ways to protect your emailing experience. If you have any questions, doubts, or need help setting up your email certificate, contact us.

About the Author: E. Lopez is the president and founder of kRemtronicz, a

San Diego web design


San Diego SEO

, and computer repair service company. kRemtronicz strives for 100% customer satisfaction; not only by offering professional services, but also by integrating our client’s ideas and suggestions. All our services are about our clients and their overall satisfaction.


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Personal Computer Viruses And Malware: Improvements Of Anti Virus Collections

Submitted by: Robert Kokoska

Defending your computer from a virus is becoming much harder every 24 hours. While it may border upon the obsessed, it’s said that you can t leave your shield for 1 second. Even corporate behemoth Microsoft have discovered its private networks weakened on a little more than a single instance.

Bring to mind the “floppy disk days”. prior to the creation of the Internet as well as software applications? Life was straightforward in those times in terms of laptop viruses and adware. With the primary means in which a trojan might be transferred being restricted to floppy disks, the facility to ensnare and eliminate the trojan was a good deal less difficult. By today s standards, it would take quite a while before a virus or trojan might infect a PC and decelerate the device. The anti-virus software from that time was usually able to classify as well as get rid of trojans before they induced a lot of destruction. Additionally, PC users were pretty knowledgeable about how to guard themselves when it comes to scanning all floppy drives ahead of saving them on to our hard drive.

The World wide web helped to transform all that. The World wide web supplied a instrument via which viruses and malware could shift from computer to computer with lightening speed. No more would a desktop user solely fret from floppy disks as virus doorways, but people now began to be concerned over electronic mail, email files, p2p file distribution, instant messaging, as well as program downloads. Today s trojans can harm through many opening points, spread without individual interference, and take full advantage of weaknesses inside a computer or program. With know-how mounting every day, and the convergence of desktops with alternative phone equipment, the potential of up-to-the-minute types of viruses also grow.


Luckily, the advancement of anti virus application software has kept pace along with existing virus threats. Anti-virus software is currently crucial to a PC’s ability to thwart off viruses and worms as well as other bad applications. These products have been created to safe-guard against the capability of a trojan to enter a personal computer over email, net browsers, web servers in addition to desktops. Also, these software programs provide a central management capability that handles operation, setups and also updating. A personal computer user should stay meticulous and keep to a selection of straightforward steps to protect against the menace of a virus or trojan:

1. Re-evaluate your existing computer security settings.

With the hazard of a new generation of viruses and adware competent to strike in a large amount of different ways, the line of attack of downloading simply 1 anti-virus software form has become out-of-date. You will have to be sure that you have protected all facets within your personal computer system ranging from the laptop to the network connection, and also from your gateway to the server. Think about a much more far-reaching security system which consists of several features including antivirus, firewall, content filter, as well as incursion detection. This form of software will make it much more tricky for a trojan to make a way into your equipment.

2. Only ever download antivirus applications made by a known, trustworthy company.

As innovative viruses and adware break out day after day, it is vital that you often modernize your antivirus application. Become familiar with the software s real-time examination feature and set it to begin repeatedly every time you boot your notebook. That will safeguard your system through repeatedly examining your desktop each time it s started.

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