Installing A Church Sound System

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By Edward Kendricks

No matter what the size of your church is you probably have music of some kind. If you attend a bigger church you probably have a full band or a choir that needs to be heard by the congregation. This means that you will need a good PA system in your church to get the best sound possible. The PA system will help the person speaking be heard much more clearly. Also, in many churches the music is the centerpiece of the worship service which makes having sound very important. What is the point of having a band and singers if that cannot all be heard properly by those in attendance?

Depending on the budget of the church there are many options available in sound systems they can have installed in their place of worship. There are many companies that can do this and it is wise to have them send out a professional to install the system so that is installed correctly. They can make sure that everything is connected properly so that no speakers get blown and the system works properly for an extended period of time. They can also make sure that the PA system is installed so that it does not detract from the overall look and feel of the church during the service. You want your sound system to make the service better and more enjoyable. You do not want your sound system to be distracting to detract from the service in any way. A trained professional will be able to make sure that the PA system sounds good and fits into the design of your church.

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There are many things that you need to consider when you are deciding what kind of PA system you want to have installed in your building. The most important of these aspects is how big you church is. If you have a larger church you are going to need a larger more state of the art system that can fill a big room and not distort from getting too loud. It needs to be able to handle the power that is needed to sound good in a big room. You will probably need both regular PA speakers and subs so that the low end does not blow out the speakers because of the bigger amount of power. You will also need a lot of good power amps to get a good clean sound as well.

Another thing you need to consider is what kind of presentations that you are going to be putting on. If your church just has a speaker and a piano player you will not a big mixing board to handle all of the channels you will need. If you have a large band with a choir you will need a bigger mixing board and probably a dedicated sound guy to handle all of the inputs for microphones and instruments that the service will require.

No matter what style of church you attend you will need some kind of PA system to help make your service more enjoyable and clear for those in attendance.

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